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Just Shut Up and Take My Money – August Favourites


It’s that time of the month again! The moment when you look back to see on what you spent so much money! Of course, for me it’s almost always on make-up, clothes, and gigs. In this post, I’ll only mention the beauty products, as these ones are my favourites for the month of August. So, let’s crack on with it!

  1. Eyeko Lash Alert Mascara (£19)

The quest is over! Mission accomplished! I have finally found a dupe for Roller Lash Mascara from Benefit. It was a long and assiduous search, but it was worth it. Ever since I’ve decided to buy only cruelty free products, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect mascara.

They describe this product as “Mascara + treatment in one shot, for girls on the go!” It’s a mascara that gives you volume because it has “a double dose of fibres” in it, but at the same time it curls and improves your eyelashes’ elasticity and resilience due to the caffeine infusion and botanical ingredients. A trio of shea butter, biotin, and arginine will ensure that your eyelashes are strengthened, repaired and thicker.

This description couldn’t make me any happier! Although, to be honest with you, it doesn’t give the most voluminous effect to your eyelashes, but with two layers of this mascara my eyelashes are super curled, separated, and thicker looking, and that’s all I wanted! I must say it’s even better than Roller Lash because it doesn’t smudge or crumble under your eyes. The wand is quite similar in shape to the Roller Lash one, but it’s made out of fibre instead of plastic. Moreover, it comes in a tube so you can squeeze even the last bit of it!


  1. Smashbox Always on Matte Liquid Lipstick – Out Loud (£19)

I’ve wanted to try this lipstick for a very long time, so when I found myself alone at the airport, surrounded by make-up brands at a smaller price, I just couldn’t resist! This colour is me in a nutshell! It’s the perfect burnt orange hue that goes magically with my hair!

I didn’t know what to expect from the formula, but I have to admit that it’s one of my favourites so far. It’s very thin, super pigmented, and very long-wearing. The down side is that it’s a wee bit drying after the first 3-4 hours of wearing, but not as bad as Lime Crime’s Matte Velvetines, which I still love, but you need to moisturize your lips before using them. One more thing, I absolutely love the applicator. It has the perfect shape to make it easier to line your lips and apply the right amount of product.


  1. Urban Decay Anti-Aging Eyeshadow Primer (£19)

I don’t have much to say about this product, except the fact that it’s my favourite when it comes to eyeshadow primers. I know it’s not very exciting to buy such a product, but I swear it makes the biggest difference in your eye make-up looks. It makes everything look smoother, it keeps your eyeshadow on without creasing, gives more intensity to the colours, and it’s anti-aging. The later aspect quickly became a big concern for me, as I love doing eye make-up, but I’m really dreading the moment when my eyelids are going to get even more hooded and wrinkly 😦


  1. Sugarpill Eyeshadow – Love + (£8)

This is the best red eyeshadow I’ve ever tried. I still love my Daemon eyeshadow from Illamasqua, but I reckon that Love + is more like a true red on my eyelids, whereas Daemon looks slightly more pink on my skin tone. The formula is not very different to the Illamasqua one. I would say that maybe it’s a bit more creamy, but it still has some kick-back once you dip your brush in to the pan, and as a result it has a bit of fall-out as well, but nothing major. It’s a very pigmented and blendable formula, so I will definitely purchase more of their eyeshadows!


  1. Essence Make Me Brow Eyebrow Gel Mascara   (£2.5)

That is a very long name for such a small and simple product! It’s basically a dupe for Gimme Brow from Benefit, but better! It has tiny fibres in it and a bit of colour, just to make your eyebrows look fuller, but very natural. I have the shade 03 Soft Browny Brows, which you would think it’s the darkest, but it’s actually the perfect ashy brown, quite light in colour! I think for the price point, you can’t really go wrong! And to be fair, the quality of Essence products, in general, is amazing. So I’m really stoked about this one! I would recommend it to every single person, who’d love a bit of oomph to their brows!

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2 thoughts on “Just Shut Up and Take My Money – August Favourites

  1. I bought the essence eyebrow product at least 5-6 times already. I also love the color. I think most companies tend to do brown-orangeish products for brows – which look pretty strange even on people with yellow skin tones, or red hair. But this is pretty much the perfect and easy to use.
    Also, the lipstick is lovely! I have an obsession for Lancome’s Matte Shaker, but the low range of colors kind of puts me off 😦


    1. Hey, Romina! Sorry for the late reply, I was on holiday 😀 Yes, you’re so right about the brow gel, it’s the perfect colour. I have red hair and still I can’t wear anything that looks too red or orange on my brows. It just feel too unnatural for me :)) As for the Smashbox lipstick, I would totally recommend it! The formula is quite thin, but very pigmented and it lasts a long time on your lips without the awful cracking! 😉 I haven’t try the Lancome ones just because it’s not a cruelty free brand, but they tempted me a lot!


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