photoHello, you make-up ninjas! My name is Daniela Boca and I’m a 26-year-old Make-up Artist based in London.

I have a serious addiction to make-up, so expect some crazy make-up looks, as I love colours in all their glory. For some extraterrestrial reasons, foundation doesn’t appeal to me, which is why my freckles are let loose in every make-up look you’ll see.

I have a specific face that screams joy and shows my heart just melted everytime I watch a video or see pictures with animals. That’s why I’m a rooter and user when it comes to cruelty free make-up brands. I’m also a vegetarian.

Sometimes I splash out on vintage clothes, but I do hunt for bargains in Charity Shops as well. I like to consider myself stylish, even if I don’t own a Louis Vuitton bag or a Chanel outfit.

My lucky number is 13. Probably that’s how many TV Series I’m currently watching as well. I love a good old drama, but horror films just seem to be my go-to genre. And I enjoy cups of tea while I’m watching them. Coffee is my best friend in the morning, though! And music never fails to make my day better!