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Outfit of the week: Vintage with a modern twist


Hey, guys! I’m here with the outfit of the week. This dress I think it was the most wanted item that I’ve ever gotten. I remember every second from the first time I saw it, until I got my hands on it, and the events where I wore it.

It was a sunny day in Camden Town when I first ventured with my boyfriend in the Collectif Vintage Store. As soon as I stepped in to the store, I knew I was going to get heartbroken. Why? It was like going back in the past and being surrounded only by these stylish 50’s and 60’s items that seemed to be a Fata Morgana Mirage for me, as it was the end of the month and I was broke. Of course, I couldn’t resist to this beauty and I had to try it on. It was love at first sight! The fabric, the colours, the length, and the shape were screaming perfection. Even my boyfriend’s eyes sparkled with hearts like in anime films when he saw it on me. But I had to let go. I couldn’t afford it.

What happened next? One day of torture. All I was thinking about was this dress and how I could get it. The night came with its terrors and my nightmares were filled with evil ladies buying the dress before I could do anything. But the next day I was sure I had to have it! So I asked my boyfriend to go after work to get it for me, as I was working and I couldn’t get there in time! And after a long and exhausting day I was reunited with my beauty. And the love for it grows every day as I can find more ways to style it!

In this post I chose to make it slightly more modern by throwing a biker jacket on and make it a bit more cool, but still feminine. I wanted to keep the 60’s vibe as much as possible, so I styled it with a small vintage black bag, some white fishnet tights, and a pair of 60’s ankle boots. I’ve tried to find all the items, so you can buy them as well, if you’d like, but some of them are from vintage shops, hence I could only give similar recommendations. Hope you enjoy the outfit!

23Dress 1|Dress 2

456Similar Bag 1|Similar Bag 2

7Biker Jacket

8White Fishnet Tights

91011Similar Shoes 1|Similar Shoes 2| Similar Shoes 3


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2 thoughts on “Outfit of the week: Vintage with a modern twist

    1. Heeey, thank you so much! Glad to hear you like it! That’s pretty much my style. I love 60s fashion, but I also try to jazz it up a bit with some modern accessories!

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