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Review: E.L.F. Studio Hydrating Serum and Illuminating Eye Cream


This week I’m coming with another skincare post. I don’t usually like to talk about skincare, but when I start I never stop! And because it’s been a recent concern of mine, you know with all the aging and stuff, I thought I should write about some products I’ve tried from E.L.F. Cosmetics, which happens to be a very affordable brand. So, give it a shot!

  1. E.L.F. Studio Hydrating Serum (£14.50)

I’m not sure why I wanted to try this product, but I think I’ve seen a youtuber using it and I thought I should give it a go. And I’m glad I did. What appealed to me at this product? The ingredients, the fact that it’s cruelty free, and, last but not least, the price.

Even if it’s just a hydrating serum, they say it’s anti-aging as well. It has Jojoba Oil, Aloe, and Vitamin E to sooth and protect the skin. Also the antioxidants, Shea Butter and Grape, help to reduce the appearance of fine line.

I’ve been really enjoying using this product in my morning skincare routine, alongside the eye cream from the same collection, but I can’t actually tell whether it made a difference or not in my skin. What I’m sure of, is that it makes my moisturiser absorb quicker and the serum itself is like a glass of water for my skin. As soon as I put it on, it just gets absorbed immediately. I noticed that it doesn’t have any smell at all. I read some reviews saying that it has an unpleasant smell, but I think that’s just the plastic bottle that it comes in. Also, you don’t need to apply too much, just a pump will do the trick!


Now that I’ve reached the bottom of the bottle, I don’t think I’ll buy it again, simply because I want to try some other different brands, but if you want to incorporate a serum in your skincare routine that doesn’t break the bank, I would definitely recommend this one!

  1. E.L.F. Studio Illuminating Eye Cream (£12.50)

I know exactly why I bought this product. Jkissa is one of my favourite youtubers and I saw her recommending it, so I had to try it! This one has similar ingredients to the serum mentioned earlier, but on top of that it has Cucumber and Green Tea, which help with dark circles. Cucumber is one of my favourite vegetables, so why not putting it on my face as well?!


I’m not very fussed when it comes to eye creams, but I know that in the past I’ve used some that gave me little white bumps. That really freaked me out! So when I tried this one I was kind of scared, because it’s quite cheap as well. Luckily, not only that it didn’t give me the bumps, but it gave me the feels! It actually meliorated the darkness under my eyes. To be fair, I couldn’t tell myself, but when I went home, a couple of weeks ago, my mom told me that I don’t have dark circles, and my mom NEVER lies! So hooray, there’s been an improvement. I’ll keep using this one, not just because you get a lot of product and it takes ages to go through it, but also because I love it! I would totally recommend it to everyone!


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