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Review: Morphe 35 Matte Nature Glow & Fall into Frost Eyeshadow Palettes, The Blushed Blush Palette 9B



Hail, Morphe!

I’ve finally gotten my hands on the very beloved and acclaimed eyeshadow palettes from Morphe Brushes. On top of that, I received the Blushed Blush Palette 9B as a gift from How do I feel as a new owner of these goodies? Changed. And dumbfounded. Kind of the way you feel after you’ve finished watching Stranger Things. You just want more. You need more! I often find myself pinching my skin while I’m doing my makeup, just to make sure I’m not dreaming and the eysehadows are actually real. Because they feel and look unreal to me.

  1. Colours

I’m pretty sure that everyone has heard about The 35 Matte Nature Glow Palette and knows that it’s basically Autumn in a nutshell. I could say exactly the same about The 35 Fall into Frost Palette, but this one has 7 matte eyeshadows and the rest are all shimmery.

dsc_0199These palettes gather all the shades of orange, brown, and purple, so prepare yourself for all the kisses and hugs from this one big family of tangerine siblings, burnt orange parents, peachy nieces, rusty grandparents, and all other russets and coppery relatives that you could imagine. Of course, there’s always the 13th cousin that no one knows about, but he’s there and you must give him a chance to be part of the family as well. Those kind of cousins are present in this family through the very soft kaki green shades or the light ivory pink hues. All in all, it’s going to be a very pleasant meeting for everyone and your eyelids, as well as your pocket, would be very thankful to finally reunite with their beloved ones.

dsc_0190The Blushed Blush Palette 9B is definitely making me blush! I already confessed my feelings to it and I think it’s mutual because everytime I deep my brush into its shades and apply them on my cheeks I don’t find myself disappointed. Moreover, they give me that lit-from-within flush of colour that makes me look alive and healthy. And the diversity of shades (from light rose pink to almost red) and finishes (both matte and shimmery) propels this palette directly on my makeup table every single morning or in my backpack whenever I travel. Could I ask for more?! I think that’s the perfect relationship!

dsc_0195    2. Texture

All the shades in the palettes feel very soft and buttery to the touch. I would say that the shimmery ones are a bit softer and they don’t produce much kickback when you stick your brush into them, whereas the matte ones have a bit of kickback, but no fallout. The texture feels very high quality, maybe not as Anastasia Beverly Hills kind of quality, but definitely better than other more expensive brands. The blushers act the same as the matte colours in the eyeshadow palettes, and I would say better than other blushers I own. Even if I do love my Frat Boy from the Balm, I feel that Morphe Blushers are easier to blend, because the texture is so buttery.

    3. Pigmentation

The pigmentation with these eyeshadow palettes is absolutely unreal. I’ll go that far to say they’re better than Urban Decay or Too Faced. Everytime I use the Morphe eyeshadows I find that I finish my make-up quicker than with other palettes, and that’s because I don’t spend ages to build the colours up. And if I could get 5 minutes more sleep in the morning, then I think we have a winner.

The blushers, on the other hand, are not crazy pigmented which can only make my pale skin extremely happy. Of course, you can build the colours up if you’re darker than me, but I do believe that they got the formula and the pigmentation just right.

dsc_0218    4. Lasting Power

Fading is not a term that these palettes have ever heard about.

Lasting power level is toooo damn high!

These two eye makeup looks have been done using only these palettes!

    5. Packaging and Price

The packaging on all of the Morphe palettes is black and very slim, which makes it very easy to travel with. It’s made out of plastic and none of the palettes comes with mirror, but I guess you can’t really expect to get that as well, when you’re only paying £23.50 for the eyeshadow palettes and £21 for the blush palette.


Do I like these palettes? Yes!

Would I repurchase them? Hell, yeah!

Would I recommend them to a friend? Would I? Would I recommend them? I would freaking rush them to buy them NOW! Seriously, don’t waste your time and do something important with your life! Get these palettes! Or at least one of them.

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