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Huge Illamasqua Haul


Hey, guys! I know it’s been a while since I posted something, but now I am back on track. Today’s post is all about Illamasqua products. I could not recommend enough this make-up brand. Everything that the brand stands for and all the collections they’re coming with I find very inspiring and original. I don’t want to sound like a preacher, but if I were to come up with a brand it would probably be Illamasqua. Ok, enough with the praising, let’s review some products.

  1. Eyeshadows

There’s nothing more I like to buy but eyeshadows. I just can’t seem to have enough of them. Ever! And this purchase was a very satisfying one. Illamasqua eyeshadows come as single ones and the quality is brilliant. Every eyeshadow is very highly pigmented, matt, colour-true, easy to blend, and long-lasting. You get 2g of product for £16.50.

Livid is the only colour I find that takes more time to blend and build, but if you’ve got the patience, then you’d be rewarded with a very bright and warm purple hue. And if you want to make your job easier, use Can Can as a blending colour, cause it’s a very pretty pastel purple.

Daemon is the best red eyeshadow I have ever used.

Sex is the purest white I’ve seen so far, even if the name suggests something else.

Stealth is a very light buttery colour, which is perfect as a base, whereas Servant is slightly darker and more peachy, which serves you a perfect transition shade.

Apex is a deeper orange colour that you can either use in the crease, or all over the lid for a brighter look. It’s not a burnt orange shade, but very close to that.

Hype is on of the most pigmented yellow eyeshadows I have come across and it’s very true to colour.

Anja, Victim, and Sadist are different shades of blue, starting from a baby blue to an azure blue, ending with a deep royal blue.

Burst is one of my favourites because it’s that deep blue green colour that looks really good on everyone, if one dares to wear it!


  1. Mascara, Eyeliners and Pigments

Eyeliners are another obsession of mine. I usually prefer to use a gel eyeliner, but when I travel I find that a liquid one or a pen is better, because it’s hassle-free. The Illustrator Pen (£20) is a water-resistant liquid liner that allows you to create very sharp and precise looks. I find it perfect for a quick winged liner or for detailed work. I love the fact that it’s jet black and has a matt finish. Precision Ink Liner (£20.50) in Abyss has a gloss finish, it’s waterproof, and very long lasting. You can create very sharp lines with it, and I love it for the inner corner because it never bleeds. If you don’t mind the shine, I think this is one of the best liquid eyeliners I have ever tried.

Masquara in Raven (£18) is a very decent mascara. I can’t say it’s the very best out of them all, but I think it does the job if you build it up. It curls, defines, and separates your eyelashes really well. It doesn’t get clumpy, so don’t expect a false lash effect. And it’s very long wearing as well.

Pure Pigments in Berber and Alluvium (£17) are so beautiful, but I never get to use them. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I get very lazy when it comes to pigments. You can use these ones wet or dry. You can mix them with a mixing medium to create shimmery eyeliners, or you can apply them anywhere on the face to highlight or give a metallic finish to your lipstick or blusher. They’re very pigmented, but I would recommend to use them on top of an eyeshadow primer or a creamy base, so they stick a bit better.


  1. Face Products, Eye and Lip Pencils

The Blusher in Naked Rose (£22) has become one of my favourites very quickly. It is extremely pigmented, so you need the tiniest bit. It’s quite blendable, but I would recommend a very big fluffy brush to apply it. The colour it’s a dusty beige pink shade, that I think it suits every pale skin.

The Sculpting Powder Duo in Illuminate & Nefertiti (£27) is the perfect contour palette for light to medium skin tones. The cool toned brown makes a great contour shade, and the highlighter it’s a champagne colour that you can build it up to get it quite intense, or keep it natural for a beautiful glow. The texture is quite powdery, like the eyeshadows are, but very easy to blend.

The Eye Colouring Pencils in Honour and Fidelity (£16) have a very creamy texture that allows the pencil to glide on your eyelids or waterline very easy. They are very long-lasting and you can use them anywhere on your face. I like to use them as lip pencils as well, even if they’re not sold like that, and vice versa for the Lip Colouring Pencil in Power, which I bought only to use it on my waterline. It works fine for me, but I wouldn’t swear it would work for everybody else, because, as I said, they’re not advertised like that.


  1. Lipsticks, Lip and Eye Pencils

I’ve ordered three lipsticks that I know I love. One is from the newer collection, called Antimatter Lipstick in Mars (£20), and I find that this shade is the perfect shade of peach that compliments my skin tone. It has become my go-to nude lipstick. The texture is very creamy and hydrating, but the finish is a semi-matt one, which makes it quite long-lasting. There’s another one from this collection, that I got, called Spectra, and this one it’s more of a purple brick-red colour. The other lipstick is called Howl (£19.50) and it’s from the old matt collection. The texture it’s not super creamy, nor too dry, but very long-wearing. The colour is a deep terracotta red.

The Lip and Eye Slick Sticks (£18.50) are a very long-wearing formula, which once it sets, it does not shift! I’ve got Dream and Pride for the lips. The first one is a nude brown shade, the later one is a deep raspberry colour. For the eyes I’ve purchased Mass, jet black, and Alloy, intense bronze colour.


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Quick disclaimer: All the products were purchased with a gift card and I do work for Illamasqua!
Books used in the pictures: Face Paint by Lisa Eldrige; Fifty fashion looks that changed the 1960s by Paula Reed; Decades of Fashion by Harriet Worsley.

2 thoughts on “Huge Illamasqua Haul

  1. That yellow is absolutely gorgeous ❤
    You should start a series with eyeshadow colors: swatch all the reds, all the yellows, all the blues and so on :))
    I find it very difficult to find the perfect neon/strong shade that I want and that also has a nice quality. (and for some reason I have a yellow & orange obsession lately)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey, Romina! That is actually an awesome idea! I might do that as soon as I stock up on some shades :))


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