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Review: Zoeva Rodeo Belle Palette


I’ve been loving The Zoeva Vegan Brushes for so long, that I finally decided to give a chance to the eyeshadows as well. I spent a few hours to make up my mind what palette I want to go for. Of course, the most popular one is the Cocoa Blend, but to be fair, it’s a bit boring for me. The rest of them have a pop of colour that makes you stare at the palette like a creep for a few good minutes (e.g. Blanc Fusion tempts me with a yellow shade called Visions of Gold), but then the other shades surrounding that colour bring you back to the earth. Literally to the earth, as most of them are brown or neutral shades. I’m not saying the colour selection is not good in the other palettes, but I already own so many natural shades, that I find it very hard to get impressed by them anymore. Therefore, I went for the one that seemed a bit more colourful.

  1. Colours

Early Sunrise – They say it’s a satin beige with a hint of golden toffee. I say it’s a normal very light satin beige.

Rodeo Ready – They say it’s a warm beige with orangey shimmer. I say it’s a warm light brown lacking the orangey shimmer.

Cactus Flower – They say it’s a warm pink matte. I say that I see the same.

Western Diva – They say it’s a chocolate brown with golden sparkle. I say it’s exactly as described.

Bang Bang – They say it’s a cherry red with a metallic silver glow. I say it’s a beautiful cherry red with no metallic silver glow, but with a bit of a satin finish.

Yee Haw! – They say it’s a teal blue with green shimmer. I say it’s a teal blue with golden shimmer.

Hot Wind – They say it’s a metallic green with a golden glow. I say that I agree.

Smoking Gun – They say it’s a metallic gunmetal grey. I say that they’re right.

Day Money – They say it’s a matte graphite. I say that I wouldn’t have been better at finding the right words.

Deadshot – They say it’s a black with red/gold glitter. I say it’s not really that black.

  1. Texture

I can’t complain about the texture, especially if you’d have witnessed my eyes popping out in amazement when I first dug my finger into the eyeshadow. They’re so creamy that they almost feel wet when you swatch or apply them. Also, there isn’t much kickback when you shove your brush into them, nor much fall-out when you move on to the eyelids.


  1. Pigmentation

When you first lay your brush covered in the eyeshadow on to your eyelid the pigmentation is amazing. It looks pretty much true to the pan. But when you start blending it, it kind of disappears. So in order to get the desired pigmentation you definitely need to build the colour up. On the other hand, that means they’re very blendable, which is always something to wish for in an eyeshadow.

Here’s one look that I created with this palette to test how they blend. I used all the shades from the top row.


  1. Lasting Power

Because I love bright colours and intense pigmentation, I find myself forced to say that the lasting power on this one is not that great. When I create looks using this palette, I definitely need to do some retouching throughout the day. They don’t crease that much, but they do fade. Or maybe I’m getting older and my vision is getting blurry as the sun goes down…

Here’s another look that I created with this palette and the colours I used are: Yee Haw! and Western Diva.


  1. Packaging & Price

The packaging is fantastic in my opinion. It’s very sleek and easy to travel with. It doesn’t feel too luxurious, but you only pay £18 ( It’s made of cardboard, but that means it is not very heavy. It doesn’t come with a mirror, but to be honest I never use them anyway.


Do I like this palette? Yes!

Would I repurchase it? Yes!

Would I recommend it to a friend? Only if they don’t want to spend a bit more money or if they prefer colourful eyeshadows, but not very bold, as the lasting power is not the best.

Considering the quality of eyeshadows and the packaging, I think that Zoeva Rodeo Belle Palette it’s undoubtedly worth spending £18 for! So get it and ride it!

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6 thoughts on “Review: Zoeva Rodeo Belle Palette

  1. Hah, I did not know this one, though, I love the red in it :))
    I did not have the fading problem with them.. but then again, I never wear bold eye makeup for more then 4-5 hours, so there’s also that.
    Yet, I hope you’ll enjoy this one ^_^


    1. I really like it and I enjoy using it! I’m probably the only one having the fading problem, because I’m used to have bold eyeshadow on for at least 8 hours :)) Nevertheless, I would repurchase this palette, even if it’s for that red eyeshadow only!


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