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Just Shut Up and Take My Money – September Favourites

Another month has ended, another wage has been spent wisely! Or maybe not… In this “September Favourites” post I have included beauty, hair, and fashion, so let’s see what my money got spent on this month. 

1. Kat Von D – Pastel Goth Palette (£37)


First favourite beauty product I want to tell you about is the Pastel Goth Palette from Kat Von D. I know I’m a bit late with this one, but I just found it a few days ago in Debenhams Oxford Street and I had to have it. Apparently, they received their stock a bit later than expected, hence they still have got it there.

I was on the hunt for a good pigmented pastel palette, that’s cruelty free as well, and when I heard this limited edition beauty can still be found, I felt like the heaven’s door had opened for me. Same feeling captured me when I swatched it. And I feel lucky enough to experience it everytime I decide to create a look with it.

The texture of these eyeshadows is super soft, pigmented and very blendable. The white in the palette is the most pigmented white I’ve ever used. I must say though that the colours are quite bright, they’re somewhere in between pastel and bright. They definitely have a white base, but because they’re so intense, it’s almost funny to call them pastel. Even if they are.

What else could I say?! I’m absolutely in love with this palette. I would totally recommend it to anyone. I think it’s worth every penny, because the quality of it is just amazing and the packaging is stunning.

2. Illamasqua Lava Lips – Emanate (£20)


To be completely honest with you, I didn’t know what to expect from these lipsticks. I actually thought I might really dislike them, especially the purple shade. How wrong was I? Completely, utterly, disgracefully wrong! They totally blew my mind off!

The texture of the lipsticks is very creamy, but they look almost matte on your lips. They’re very longwearing and pigmented, and they kind of leave a stain on your lips, which I actually quite enjoy. They even smell very pleasantly.

They only come in three colours and they’re limited edition. There’s a peachy rusty brown shade, a purple one, and a vampy red colour. They all look like marble and they’ve actually made with two different colours, so everytime you apply the lipstick it might come out slightly darker or lighter. I’m absolutely stoked with these ones, especially with Emanate! I’m thinking to buy some more, just to have them as back-ups.

3. COLAB Dry Shampoo – Fruity Fragrance (£2.32)


I’m not sure what I should say about a dry shampoo. The only thing I know about this one is that it doesn’t make my scalp itchy, it smells insanely good, and it really makes my hair look clean again! Is there anything else that you could wish from a dry shampoo?!

4. Vintage Sunglasses (£10)


I’ve worn these sunglasses so much since I’ve bought them a few months ago, that I felt really bad not to include them in a “favourites” post. I love vintage fashion, so these shades just speak to me. They’re very lightweight and the cat eye shape makes me feel like a pin-up girl anytime I wear them, even though I’m not so much into pin-up fashion. But I guess everyone loves something from the 50’s.

5. Mustard Cardigan (£14.99)

I eat, drink, sleep, walk, work, cycle in this cardigan. I basically live in it! Since I’ve bought it a few months ago I can’t just let it go. I always find something to pair it with. I love how big and cosy it is, the length is exactly how I wanted it to be, not too long and not too short. And the colour…I used to hate yellow mustard colours on my clothes so much, and now I’m obsessed.

6. Mustard Converse (£68)

First it was the cardigan, then the shoes! This pair of mustard converse has been everywhere. I just find that they’re the perfect alternative to black or white converse. Because the colour is not super bright, it almost looks like a beige nude shade. You read what I said about the cardigan earlier? Everything applies to these Converse as well.

7. Mustard Scarf (£13.90)

Do you see a colour pattern here? When I’m obsessed with a colour I must have everything in that colour! So, of course, the last, but not the least is the mustard scarf, which wraps around my neck everyday to keep me warm and to make my day brighter. And with this one I wrap up my post as well.

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