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Holiday Outfits: September

Surprise, Surprise! This week I’m not posting just one outfit, but three. A couple of weeks ago, I was enjoying thermal baths, sunny sky, delicious food, and amazing landscapes in the Azores islands. While I was having the best time ever, my boyfriend probably wasn’t. He had the job to hold the camera. I don’t know how much fun he had doing that, but I’m absolutely sure he’s getting better at being a photographer, even if there’s no passion for it 🙂

First outfit is probably one of my favourites. The striped dress is actually coming from the 60s and it was of my boyfriend’s grandma. I think this dress screams “vintage” and “holiday”, and even if it looks a bit big on me I reckon that adds to the 60s vibe. I wore this dress with a pair of black chunky sandals from New Look. I must confess I’m not a fan of sandals, especially that I don’t really need them in London. I like these ones ‘cause they’re the sandal version of big chunky boots. The only handbag I had with me is a very old one from Gusti Leder. I like the vintage vibe of it and I feel like it goes with every outfit.


Similar Dress / Similar Sandals

Second outfit consisted in a black dress with big polka dots, a hat, one much loved pair of Converse, and the same handbag. I had this dress for at least 5 years and I still love it. The shape, the length, and the fabric make it very stylish and comfortable. And I love how I can dress it up with a pair of heels, or dress it down with Converse or even Dr. Martens. On holiday, I preferred to dress it down and my favourite shoes to do so are definitely a good old pair of Converse. I brought with me only two pairs of shoes for the whole holiday, and I could have probably just brought the Converse. I found this pair in a charity shop and that yellow mustard colour just makes my day brighter. I always develop an obsession for one particular colour, and for the last 2-3 months, that mustard colour appears even in my dreams. Before that, it was mint green.

Similar dress 1 / Similar dress 2 / Shoes / Similar Hat

Third outfit isn’t a dress anymore, but a two piece one. The t-shirt is an oldie, but a goodie from Stradivarius. I’ve worn this T-shirt so much that I’m in awe of how it’s still holding up to its shape and colours. I chose to pair it with some pin up black denim shorts that you probably can’t see very well in these pics because the t-shirt wasn’t tugged in and, of course, with my Converse.

Similar T-shirt 1 / Similar T-shirt 2 / Shorts / Handbag / Sunglasses


Quick disclaimer: I don’t buy leather products anymore. The handbag was bought before I turned into a vegetarian/cruelty free buyer.

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