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Review: Anastasia Beverly Hills – Subculture Palette

Had you not lived under a rock, you would have probably heard and seen everything there’s to be heard and seen about the Subculture Palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills! Lots of contradictory opinions and a ton of youtube drama would summarise the feedback this palette has got. Some people seem to have big issues with blending, fall-out, kick-back, and even hitting pan. Other people seem to be truly impressed with the quality of it and wouldn’t stop recommending it! What’s my experience with this palette? Well, let’s find out!

1. Colours

“Roxy” – They say it’s a matte muted coral, and I could have not described it better

“Electric” – They see a duo chrome lime gold, and I can only see that if I use a wet brush

“Fudge” – They think it’s a matte warm bronze, but I think it’s just a matte warm brown

“New Wave” – They called it a matte orange, I would call it a matte muted orange

“Untamed” – They named it a matte tarnished green, and I’m really impressed as it is no less than that

“Edge” – They describe it as a matte mustard gold, but I would replace the gold with yellow

“Rowdy” – They define it as a matte blackened purple, and I find that as a perfect definition

“Axis” – They say it’s a matte blue green, I say it’s a bit of a boring name, but that’s what it is

“Mercury” – They see a matte slate grey, and I see exactly the same

“All Star” – They think it’s a matte wine, and I’m really thankful it’s not a sparkling wine

“Adorn” – They called it a metallic bronze, and I would call it more of a warm metallic bronze

“Destiny” – They named it a matte sage green, but I would name it a matte dirty sage green

“Dawn” – They describe it as a matte sand, and I think they’re right

“Cube” – They define it as a duo chrome pink pearl, and I reckon they did a great job with that definition

2. Texture

The texture of these eyeshadows is like nothing you’ve seen before. They’re pressed, but they act like pure pigments. You don’t need to swirl your brush in to the pan do get it coated in pigment, just one light dab on the eyeshadow is enough to lay colour on your eyelid. The eyeshadows are very soft and quite bendable, but if you press your brush too hard on them there’s going to be some impressive kick-back, you’re going to have too much pigment on your brush, a lot of it is going to fall down your cheeks, and the makeup look you’re going to end up with will not be very professional looking. So, before you start wondering what sort of sorcery this is and why this palette is not working, just take a look at the instructions of how to use it and try to be as obedient as you can. It’s a great palette, if you know how to use it!

Oh, one more thing, the shades didn’t oxidise on me, but they do turn up a bit darker on your eyes than they look in the pan! Also, don’t try to blend opposite colours as they will get muddy, no matter what brand you use, especially when we’re talking about teal, kaki green, deep blue green, mustard yellow, grey, and burgundy shades.

3. Pigmentation

They’re probably the most pigmented eyeshadows I’ve ever encountered in my life! You don’t need to add layers and layers, all you need to do is to add a layer and blend, and then another layer as a finishing touch. They’re the quickest eyeshadows to apply, build, blend, and, ultimately, create an intense beautiful eye look.

4. Lasting Power

They eye looks I created so far with this palette lasted me around 12 hours. I cycle to work, so they’ve been through some light rain and wind, and they were still going strong. No complaints here!

5. Packaging & Price

The palette costs £41 and the packaging is right up my alley! I absolutely love the colour combination of deep blue green and mustard yellow. The texture of the palette is the same as the Modern Renaissance one, which is more velvety! It feels very nice, but the old one got really dirty. The Subculture one already has a tone of dirty green, so probably it wouldn’t be so noticeable even if it gets messy.


Do I like this palette? Yes!

Would I repurchase it? Yes!

Would I recommend it to a friend? Only if that friend already knows how to apply eyeshadow and he/she likes super pigmented colours, that will challenge one’s makeup skills. I’m not saying it’s hard to use, but I think it’s a suitable palette for adventurous makeup artists, who understand that these are pure pressed pigments which don’t need a swirl of their brush or an hour blending process. It’s exactly the opposite! You use less product and spend less time on blending to get the desired result, the only thing you need is a light hand and an open mind! J


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