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Outfit of the week – Quirky Vintage Style


Hey, guys! As I promised, on the third week of the month I’m going to resurrect some vintage pieces by styling them with more modern accessories. This is probably a chance to see a bit more of my quirky side, so I thought it’d be good to spice up my blog with a wee bit of fashion.

You’ve probably noticed already that I love colourful make-up looks, so when it comes to fashion I’m no less than that. Hence, when I saw this dress in a vintage shop I had to have it. Green is one of my favourite colours and I love the contrast it creates with my hair. I’m a 60s fashion addict, so this dress represents me in every way: the colour, the cut, the collar, the pockets, and, of course, the length.

To style it I chose to go with brown, because green and brown is one of the best colour combinations ever. So I went for some cat eye style sunglasses with a leopard print to jazz it up a little, a pair of mock suede ankle boots, and a backpack. I have listed down below the images where you can find the items. Unfortunately, the dress was bought from a vintage shop so I couldn’t find the exact same one, but I’ve given you some similar options. The boots are from Bershka, but they’re quite old. I’ve found the same pair on ebay, but just one size, and some similar ones on the Bershka website. The sunglasses and the backpack are from Amazon and you can still find them.

Quick disclaimer: I don’t buy leather products anymore. The backpack was bought before I turned into a vegetarian/cruelty free buyer.

20170709_17492611Similar dress 1 |dress 2|dress 3


20170709_17491220170709_174726120170709_17511620170709_175107Shoes | Similar shoes 1 | Similar Shoes 2


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2 thoughts on “Outfit of the week – Quirky Vintage Style

    1. Thank you so much! It is one of my favourite dresses ever! And I can’t get enough of green shades! I hope you’ll enjoy the next posts as well! 😀

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