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Outfit of the week-February Cosy and stylish winter outfit

As much as I hate winter with all its grim and cold days, I must keep my integrity and admit that sometimes I kind of like them as they give me the opportunity to feel cosy and stylish with clothes that I wouldn’t usually wear that much.

This time my outfit is not a vintage one. Big surprise, huh? Well, I was in the mood to mix things up a little bit and show you, guys, what else I like to wear, besides my 60s pieces.

This outfit started with the khaki jumper that I found in a charity shop. Knowing that I already owned some over the knee socks in the same colour, I thought they would look really good together. My excitement for this outfit grew when I found a matching winter hat as well. So the last items I had to think about were a skirt and a pair of shoes. The skirt I picked from my wardrobe was a high-waisted one because I needed something to match the slightly cropped jumper. With all these green shades on me I felt like the outfit was asking for some contrast, and what’s better than mustard-yellow? So I quickly wrapped my favourite scarf around my neck and I instantly felt better. It didn’t take me too long to decide on the shoes either. As I already had a very warm cosy feeling from this outfit, my Dr. Martens seemed to complete it perfectly. I also chose to go for my backpack instead of a bag, simply because it added more of that school girl outfit kind of vibe and is very comfortable at the same time. I could have thrown a coat on top of this outfit, but I find coats being so boring, that I couldn’t bother to do that. Only when I had to leave the house, of course.


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