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Review: Melt Cosmetics Gemini Palette ♊

You know when I did the review on Black Moon Cosmetics – Orb of Light Palette and I said that was by far my favourite palette ever. Well, it seems that the Gemini Palette is the fraternal twin that came later. Now I have a boy and girl and I love them the same as any other mother.

I missed buying this palette when it first came out and I blamed myself every single day for not trying harder. But then my prayers had been heard, and Melt Cosmetics have blessed me with this bundle of joy. They brought it back, but again for a limited time only. I know petitions are a thing right now, so I reckon we should all do one for making this palette permanent. ‘Cause the fright and horror covering my face just thinking about that moment in life when I’ll have to let go of this palette it’s way too much to handle…

But for now, let’s see the joys this baby boy brings to my life everyday:

  1. Colours

“Luna” – They see a honey beige colour perfect for blending harsh edges, and I see exactly what they mean.

“Gemini” – They say this one is a mutable vermilion duo chrome shadow with a gold shift, but I would say it’s not so much of a vermilion colour, but rather a rose gold shade.

“Lorelei” – They think it’s a classic mustard hue, but to me it looks a bit more of an orange hue, but I guess it depends on the mustard you have in your country.

“Polkadot” – They describe this colour as a warm tawny brown, and I couldn’t agree more.

“Cupcake” – They define it as a true brown, and I reckon that is true.

“Bonnie” – They see the blackest eye shadow they’ve created yet, and I know it sounds a wee bit extreme, but it is the blackest eye shadow I have ever seen.

“Leo” – They say this one is an army green, and I have no right to disagree with that.

“Goalz” – They think it’s a golden lime metallic shade with dimensional glitter flecks, and I feel like I’ve been waiting for this sort of colour for ages.

“Fire OG” – They describe it as the perfect olive-green eye shadow, and I think they couldn’t have done a better job. It is perfect!

“Mochi” – They call this one an olive mustard with a Yorkie fur hue, and all I can say is that this is how mustard looks in my country. I love mustard (taste and colour)!

  1. Texture

The texture feels as soft and smooth as a baby’s bum. Not that I ever touched one, but that’s what they say. The similarities with “Orb of Light” are definitely seen in texture and pigmentation. I love how with both palettes you get minimal to no fall out, but maximum pigment and blendability. It comes with 8 matte shades and 2 metallic duo-chromes. The only shade that creates a bit of a mess in the palette and on your cheeks is “Gemini”, which I recommend to be used with a damp brush at all times. Because of this colour I find myself wiping my palette’s bum every now and then, just to make sure I keep it nice and clean.

  1. Pigmentation

The pigmentation is there and it doesn’t go anywhere once it’s applied on your eyelids. The colours are true to the pan and they always make me giggle when they help me come up with the most beautiful autumnal looks. The shades are also quite buildable. I must confess I had a few mornings when I used only one eye shadow from this palette, but it looked like I used a transition shade, a darker one and then even a deeper one.

  1. Lasting Power

I usually wear my make-up for around 12 hours. This palette has passed the test and it’d probably stay on even longer than that. I have attached a few make-up pictures to help you see how it performs on the eyes. But for more pics feel free to visit my instagram page @dana.boca

  1. Packaging & Price

The packaging on this palette is beautiful and very sleek. It comes as a black thin cardboard box with dark red roses on it, which makes it a bit more grungy and cool. You also get a decent mirror. The price is £45 ($58) which I think it’s totally worth it, but only if you can get in America. I paid a total of £72 including shipping and custom fees and I reckon that’s a bit steep. Well, at least it lived up to my high expectations.


Do I like this palette? Yes!

Would I repurchase it? Yes!

Would I recommend it to a friend? With a big smile on my face!


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