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Review : Huda Beauty Mauve Obsessions Palette

Hello, make-up ninjas! I’m back with an eyeshadow palette review. This is my first post for 2018 and I know that maybe everyone expected a “Favourites of 2017” kind of article, but I want to keep that one for the end of January. Why? Because January is the month when I’m completely broke, so I reckon I’ll probably spend my money wisely just on food, to keep myself alive throughout the month. Therefore, “Just Shut Up and Take My Money 2017” is going to land at the end of this month. Until then, let’s see what this palette is about.


First things first, this palette was a gift from one of my friends, but I did purchase the Huda Beauty Warm Obsessions Palette. I’m only reviewing the Mauve one simply because I played a bit more with it and I can also confirm that both palettes are quite consistent when it comes to texture, pigmentation, and lasting power. Hence, there was no reason for me to review them both.

The colours in this palette just call my name. We’ve got 9 different shades of mauve, 6 matte hues and 3 shimmers. I must say I love how this palette was conceived. The 6 matte colours range from the palest mauve to the deepest plum shade. The fact that they incorporated a very light buttery eyeshadow, just makes life much easier when one starts the blending process. I also really dig into that rich burgundy colour, which I’m very grateful ended up in this palette, ‘cause that shade seems as hard to get as the respect from a cat. The palette also comes with a very light dusty pink shimmer, which you can use for highlighting, a darker pink-peachy shade, and an even darker warm mauve-peachy colour, the latest is a wee bit more glittery.


When it comes to the texture of this palette, I confess I was a bit intrigued. They don’t swatch the best on skin, but they do apply beautifully with brushes. They are not too powdery, quite the opposite. The shimmers are better applied with your fingers or with a damp brush. The mattes have that formula that requires building up, which is good because that gives you the chance to get the desired intensity.


As I mentioned earlier, I was a bit confused about the texture and pigmentation when it comes to this palette because it’s quite different than what I experienced before with other brands. I find that these eyeshadows apply better on top of a concealer or eyeshadow primer, without setting them in place with a translucent powder or a light shade. If you do set them you get more natural looks, not so highly pigmented. But if you do want to get the same shade as you see it in the pan, then by all means just grab that colour and pack it directly on top of your base. Don’t worry about the blending part, because they do know that’s their job, just make sure you use the right brushes. You can see how they work in the pictures down below.

4.Lasting Power

It’s there. The lasting power is definitely there. If you have very hooded eyes, they might transfer a little bit, if you do the dark crease and the light lid kind of look. But other than that, they lasted really well on my semi-hooded eyes, without fading throughout the day.

5.Packaging & Price

You know how people have cravings for chocolate or different kinds of food, right? I was craving for this palette before I had it. And when I got it, I was still craving every day for using it. And then I started to crave for the other palettes. Oh man, this craving never stops. And what made me desire it so eagerly, besides the quality of it? It was definitely the packaging. I’m a complete sucker when it comes to miniatures. This palette is so compact and lightweight, that it almost looks like a miniature, but it’s not. It’s no doubt the most travel friendly eyeshaodw palette ever.

The price is £25, which to be completely honest with you, I think it’s a little steep. Only because you don’t actually get that much product and it doesn’t feel luxurious either. But I would still pay that money for the creative idea behind making this palette and the actual quality of it.


Do I like this palette? Yes!

Would I repurchase it? Yes!

Would I recommend it to a friend? Totally. For all of my Vampy-Smokey-Eye-Obsessed fellows: Come out, come out, wherever you are! You need to feed on this palette.


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