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HOW TO pick the best eyeshadow shades for your eye colour?

As a make-up artist, I find myself learning quite a lot everyday. But I must confess, when I tried to see what google says on this topic, what I ended up with was that you can basically wear any eyeshadow shade, no matter the eye colour, and still look fabulous! Couldn’t agree more!

I’m definitely one of those that don’t really care what the trends say or what one recommends. If it appeals to my eyeball, then I’m going to rock it! But what if you’re not a make-up junkie? What if you just decided to wear make-up for the first time in your life and it feels like bungee jumping? Or what if you know nothing about colours? Well, in this post I’ll try to shed some light on this subject!


  1. Blue Eyes/Grey Eyes

I know an orange eye look is very trendy at the moment, and I’m kind of miffed about that, as it instantly became an Instagram look, which makes me not wear it as often as I would like. I have blue-greyish eyes and I think warm tones, such as peachy, orange, burnt orange, red with orange undertones, copper, gold, champagne, and brown make this eye colour pop even more. Orange is the colour opposite on the colour wheel, so on your eyes it’s going to create a contrast which will attract a lot of attention on your eye colour.

If you like natural makeup looks, I would say stick to your earth tones (browns and tans or natural colours you can find in dirt, moss, trees and rocks) and add a bit of gold or champagne in the inner corner or on the middle of your eyelid. This will create a beautiful subtle look that will flatter your eye colour. If you have a Braveheart day, then you could try colours like red, purple or navy. These shades are perfect for smokey eyes or just as a pop of colour on the bottom lid.

Blues and greens could make the blue in your eyes look less blue, but if you want to achieve more of a Husky blue with your eyes, then go for it!

 blue eyes

  1. Green Eyes

On the colour wheel red is opposite to green. So if you really want to make your eyes look as green as possible I would definitely go with a red smokey eye. But I know red is bloody scary as an eyeshadow, so for the timid of you I would recommend browns with a red undertone, pale pinks, brick reds, cola browns, burgundy. From these shades you could step into violets and purples as well. Cool tones look more flattering on green eyes, but at the same time you could totally wear peachy shades for subtle looks.

If you’d like to go for more of a spring/summer look I would jump right into a yellow eyeshadow! This colour compliments green eyes so well. You could use it in a green smokey eye as an inner corner highlight with a turquoise colour in the outer corner.

If you’re not a fan of bright rich colours then I would stick to earth tones again and maybe shades like gold or copper, which are a great choice for every eye colour.

 green eyes

  1. Hazel Eyes

Probably Hazel Eyes are the most difficult ones to find the perfect shades for. They have so many hues in them that it’s really up to you which one you want to bring out more.

What I would recommend for natural looks that will make your eyes look a bit more on the warm brown/orange side is to use earth tones with a pop of shimmer like bronze, copper, gold. This is a very safe makeup look. Anything with gold flecks will intensify the gold in your eyes. If you’d like a wearable smokey look go for burnt sienna, which is like a rusty brown, a darker version of a bronze. For more of o dramatic smokiness you could use silver and some other cool tone colours like purple, navy or black.

If until now I said that greens and blues are quite hard to wear, well this time I would totally recommend them for hazel eyes. The green tint in your eyes is going to pop when you’re brave enough to lay some shades of green on your eyelids. Olive green, kaki, forest green, bright yellow green will do the job for you. Also, you could dive into blue hues as well. Shades like aqua blue, cyan, cerulean, and baby blue will make your eyes appear lighter in colour and will give the impression of a green-bluish eye colour.

All shades of warm purple, plums and violets will look beautiful on hazel eyes because they will enhance the natural colours. If you don’t like super dramatic looks, I would try and wear these colours as eyeliner, either on the top or bottom lid. You’ll be fine anyway with these colours, just make sure you had enough sleep the day before or enough concealer because they could accentuate any darkness under your eyes.

hazel eyes

  1. Brown Eyes

Brown eyes people are probably the luckiest ones when it comes to eyeshadows, cause they could wear anything and still make the eye colour pop.

For more amber and reddish brown eyes I would go with cool tones such as green, blue, navy, mint green, turquoise, emerald. These will enhance the natural rich colours in your eyes. When these colours seem too exotic for you, just try and add them as pop of colours, like on the bottom lid or just as eyeliners.

Honey brown eyes will really benefit from colours like eggplant, lavender, lilac, royal blue, light blue. These hues will give the impression of even a lighter brown and will bring out the yellow in your eyes.

Dark brown eyes could use any of the earthtones or shades like coral, terracotta, bronze, sand. I would suggest to pick lighter shades on your eyes because this way you create a contrast with the dark colour of your eyes.

brown eyes

As I said at the beginning, these are just some suggestions and recommendations in case you want to achieve a specific kind of look, but in my humble opinion I would say wear whatever pleases you the most!

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